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We are driven by our commitment to fight food insecurity, create climate resilience, and transform communities and economies through sustainable and innovative agriculture investments.


To achieve this mission, we deploy long-term capital in future-proof commercial agricultural initiatives that bring positive and tangible impact for our investors, portfolio companies, employees, communities, and the environment. Our investing approach allows us to let businesses achieve their full potential and be a leading agent of change in their respective markets.


Agriculture is a key driver of socio-economic growth and development and the lifeblood of every rural area we invest in. SIGNATURE is building and supporting agribusiness champions, creating long-lasting infrastructure, and environmentally sustainable projects. 


At SIGNATURE, we are fundamentally committed to the concept of every farming project being ‘a good neighbour’: respect and support for the communities who surround our farms is a vital component of our approach to project development.


In some circumstances, these communities are our landlords, in most circumstances, they are home to our farm workforce, and in every circumstance we view our relationship with them as indispensable to our success.


This relationship management begins during the screening and due diligence process for new projects; we are mindful of the sensitivities around land tenure and occupation which may arise and handle any land acquisition accordingly.

SIGNATURE will never invest in a project which necessitates the involuntary relocation of communities.

As a project develops, SIGNATURE's policies and procedures require that regular community engagement is undertaken and recorded and that any grievances are heard and fairly dealt with.

The risks to communities of all aspects of development are considered and mitigated. Beyond this, and where appropriate, we seek to support and empower these groups through measures that go beyond employment.

We use socio-economic information and dialogues with the communities themselves to establish programmes specific to each area, which may include water & sanitary initiatives, smallholder programmes, entrepreneurship upskilling, or simple support for healthcare or educational institutions.


The Zulu term ‘ubuntu’ means ‘I am because we are’, and it is in this spirit that we approach our community relationships.

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