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At SIGNATURE, we ensure sustainability principles are embedded in every aspect of our investments.


By promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation activities, while conserving and enhancing biodiversity, we contribute to the protection of social and natural capital.


In line with our mission and ambitions, we have adopted five flagship Sustainable Development Goals.

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Life on land

Nature-based climate solutions can contribute around 33% of CO2 reductions by 2030, but 13M ha of forests are lost every year and 3.6Bn ha of drylands have been turned to desert.


Acknowledging that large-scale monoculture contributes to a decline in biodiversity globally, we contribute to the conservation or improvement of biodiversity on all our farms, including the preservation of pollinator habitats, biodiverse indigenous conservation or restoration areas, and protection of sensitive or high conservation areas through biodiversity management plans.

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Zero hunger

Levels of extreme food insecurity are increasing, and malnutrition is responsible for more than half of child deaths globally – primarily in areas where farming is the main source of food and income.

In addition to the contribution to food availability and import substitution made possible directly by large commercial farms focused upon maximum productivity, and the increased buying

power of those economically advantaged by the presence of such projects, SIGNATURE also contributes to SDG 2 through the development of smallholder programmes.

These programmes are founded upon training smallholders in the principles of sustainable agriculture, facilitating increased productivity and resilience for these small family farms.

Decent work and economic growth 

Although official employment rates vary widely across the world, most jobs related to farming are characterized by very low pay, no access to social protection, and job insecurity.

All SIGNATURE portfolio companies must align with and report on certain basic minimum requirements in respect of the workforce, including the ILO Core Labour Standards and IFC PS 2 (Labour and Working Conditions).

In addition, we focus on the provision of ancillary economic programmes, such as working with smallholder farmers to revitalize rural landscapes.

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Gender equality  

Women in rural settings bear multiple burdens.

They constitute most of the agricultural workforce on small and subsistence farms, they are responsible for caring for children and the elderly, and they are systematically discriminated against in terms of educational, employment, economic, and land tenure opportunities.

Respecting their fundamental rights and providing access to employment and economic advantages is an incredibly powerful means of combating poverty, hunger, and climate shock.

SIGNATURE is committed to equality in employment, gender-lens ancillary programmes, and effective measurement of participation and impact.

Clean water and sanitation 

Water scarcity already affects more than 40% of people, and supplies are dwindling as drought and desertification increase.


Farms in the portfolio are committed to ‘doing more with less’; using innovative technologies to optimize water use and reduce impacts on other users.


Minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers whilst treating production wastewaters reduces degradation of surface and groundwater where we operate. 70% of the world’s wetlands have already been destroyed, and farms in the portfolio are meticulous about preserving or restoring those associated with our projects.

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