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Pandagric - Nigeria

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This investment was completed in 2018 and is managed under a joint venture between the Old Mutual African Agricultural Fund and the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA).


The project contributes to the development of the protein value chain in Africa’s largest economy and to feeding Nigeria’s 200 million inhabitants.


There are expansion opportunities including the growth of the farming area under production, increase in milling capacity, and further integration in the protein value chain. A substantial new feed mill was commissioned in 2021.

Pandagric is growing maize and soybean over 700 ha under pivot irrigation and 1,500 ha of dryland and has an aggregated processing capacity of 200,000 MT of maize, soybean, and poultry feed.


The farm has initiated a smallholder farmer project which will benefit up to 20,000 farmers by 2028.

Other environmental and social initiatives include a reforestation program, beekeeping, support of local schools, provision of sanitation facilities, and women’s entrepreneurship programs.

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