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Blackstar - Zambia


This investment, completed in 2018, is managed under the Old Mutual African Agricultural Fund (OMAAF).


The farm has significant scope for expansion due to abundant water capacity and presents an opportunity to diversify operations with high-value permanent crops such as nuts and exotic fruits.


The property is surrounded by Miombo woodlands which are under threat from deforestation; it offers opportunities for conservation and reforestation programs and compatible social enterprises such as beekeeping and sustainable harvesting.

This greenfield development is located in the Serenje district including the construction of a 33 million m3 water dam to irrigate up to 5,000 ha of cropland and infrastructure for up to 2,000 milking cows.


Blackstar is currently growing soya during the summer and wheat during the winter with over 730 ha under pivot irrigation, as well as producing milk from over 700  cows.

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