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Plant Trees, Not Plastic

On June 5 & 6, 2023, in commemoration of World Environment Day, the Pandagric Novum farm in Nigeria developed an environmental awareness program called "Plant Trees, Not Plastic" together with the Pandagric host communities.

The plastics aspect of the program was intended to create awareness about plastic pollution and its detrimental environmental impact and promote sustainable alternatives. Through informative sessions and discussions, the program provided insights into the consequences of plastic pollution, enlightening community members about the urgent need for change and about options for responsible disposal.

In addition, Pandagric and the host communities carried out tree-planting activities to emphasize the importance of reforestation and its role in mitigating climate change and to encourage community participation in creating a greener future.

The members of the host communities wholeheartedly embraced the tree-planting activities, actively participating and demonstrating their commitment to environmental conservation. Pandagric teams trained the community members on proper tree planting and care, including the appropriate methods of digging holes, watering, and mulching. This engagement aimed to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the newly planted trees, demonstrating to community members the significance of their role in preserving the environment.

To further support this cause, 1,200 trees were distributed across the communities. Careful consideration was given to including both useful fruit trees, timber trees, and indigenous tree species. This selection ensures their successful growth and ability to contribute to community development and the area's biodiversity.

We hope that the impact of this program will extend far into the future as the community members continue to embrace sustainable practices and plant trees in their surroundings. By taking small but significant steps, such as reducing plastic usage and embracing sustainable alternatives, Pandagric's host communities actively contribute to a greener and healthier environment.

Signature Agri Investments is proud to be associated with Pandagric Novum. This program is a testament to our shared company values and unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and being a good neighbour to the communities around us.

The "Plant Trees, Not Plastic" initiative reminds us that the responsibility lies in our hands to protect our planet. Together, let us continue to plant trees, reduce plastic usage, and create a sustainable future.

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